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Service (BCS)

Financial Resource "Bank Blocked Account"

Proof of Financial Resources / Financing / Student`s Financial Resources

Living costs are expensive in Germany compared to the developing countries, as an international student, you must provide a sufficient financial resource to fund your life in Germany without relying on the German state. Usually, it is required to monthly approximately 850 Euros to sustain yourself during a study period in Germany.

Proof of financial resources is an essential requirement to apply for student, training, language-visa, etc.. Without it, you have almost ZERO chance of gaining an entry visa.

In general, you can provide at least one of the following financial resources:

1. Proof of scholarship award notification from a German recognized institution. There are many organizations in Germany offer various kinds of scholarship for international students to support their graduates, postgraduates, and doctorates programs.

In our services, we Do NOT offer any scholarship services, but if you would like to learn more about it, we advise you to visit the largest scholarship provider

2. Opening a blocked account (in German called “Sperrkonto”) in your name at a German bank demonstrating a minimum of 10,236 Euros for the first year before you arrive in Germany.

What is a Bank blocked account “Sperrkonto”?

Most likely, the bank blocked account is a kind of secure account (deposit/guarantee) to prove that you have enough money to live in Germany. Before you move to Germany, you have to deposit a certain amount of money about 10,236 Euros in a bank account, you can not withdraw money as you wish or as much as you can from this bank blocked account but you can obtain a limited monthly amount of money (about 853 Euros) from this blocked account to cover your living costs.

Therefore, when you arrive in Germany, you have to open a not blocked account (Giro account) depending on your choice in order to receive your monthly withdrawal from your bank blocked account. The bank employee will help you obtain an EC card and guide you on how to use online banking as well as how to use the cash machines.

Aim of the blocked account is to secure the living costs for the international student without relying on the German state. In addition, particularly, at the beginning of the studying, the student has more time to concentrate more on his/her learning, not to think about how he/she will find a mini job to cover his/her living cost.

  1. Financial guarantee (Sponsor) from a permanent resident in Germany who is legally responsible for your living costs and studying (he/she can guarantee all your expenses during your stay in Germany).
  2. Statement of financial circumstances of the parents also a statement of assurance of their financial support.
  3. Demonstrating a bank guarantee from your home country.

If you need help to accomplish this task, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange it for you or you can directly perform this task yourself by using these links.


We highly recommend a clarification of which kind of financial proof is appropriate for your case by contacting the German embassy in your home country!