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Service (BCS)

German Language Courses

Your German language is the success key to study, work, or live in Germany!

In addition, it plays a significant role during your interview at the German embassy or when you submit your application for student, training, internship, job-visa, etc. Moreover, it is a remarkable sign of your efforts and interests to study or work in Germany.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), these are offered German proficiency levels:

  • Level A1: Beginners and False Beginners.
  • Level A2: Basic German Knowledge.
  • Level B1: Pre-Intermediate. (When you apply to study at a Studienkolleg (preparatory year) you must already have a knowledge of German language at least at the B1 level according to the CEFR)
  • Level B2: Intermediate (When you apply to an internship, work, medical residency/training -visa).
  • Level C1: Upper-Intermediate.
  • Level C2: Advanced.

Proof of learning the German language is one of the student-visa requirements, at least a B1 level certificate is required, in most cases, internship, work, medical residency/training -visa need B2 level. 

Certificates from Goethe Institute is recognized at all German embassies and German universities.

Some applicants prefer to learn the German language from scratch in Germany because of a lot of advantages, in this case, the applicant has to book all German courses and confirm this when he/she applies for a student visa.

How much does it cost to learn German in Germany?

There are thousands of German language courses and schools which provide different German language courses programs. Each program has various packages. The minimum cost fee starts with around 500 Euros for one language level (4 weeks, 20 hours per week) and maximum till 1200 Euro per level depending on the location of the school and the number of students in the class.

|NOTE ! 

If you would like any help to find a German language school or a suitable German language course, Do not hesitate to contact us to book it for you without any extra charges or fees.


Anywhere, anytime, wherever you are, you can take advantage of the internet to learn the German language using hundreds of online portals and youtube channels. Please, visit our Facebook page to learn more