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Service (BCS)

Cover Letter

It does not matter which visa (Student, language, internship, training, Job-visa, etc.) you will apply, the cover letter is a one-page document where a visa applicant describes the purpose of his visit to Germany in some details moreover, visa´s applicant can provide a completed list of all documents that will be attached in its visa application.

Importance of the Cover Letter:

The cover letter, for example, student-visa, is becoming very important since there is no more face to face interview in many of the German embassies and consulates. Many German embassies are now handing the visa application process to outsource companies. Unfortunately, most of the visa applicants ignore the cover letter completely when they apply to their visa.

Through the cover letter, the applicant can provide specific issues that he/she might have to the visa officer. For example, you submitted your visa application but there is an absent essential document or certificate that you expect to obtain soon, in this case, you can provide more details to the visa officer explaining the issue in your cover letter. Or the applicant is attending a German language course and he/she will obtain the certificate soon, in this case also the applicant can provide (explain) this issue in the cover letter to inform the visa officer.

Not surprisingly, the cover letter could play a major role in the acceptance or refusal of your visa application, but we cannot anticipate the whole decision regarding it.

Below, the essential points that the applicant has to take into account by writing a cover letter:

  1. Basic personal information
  2. Your educational profile
  3. The purpose of your visit to Germany
  4. Your financial standing and resources
  5. Why did you choose a particular course and the University
  6. The list of documents included in your application


  1. Be aware that you are writing to high authority (here are the German embassy/consulate or admission officer or supervisor professor at the university) so your document must be in accordance with some principles.
  2. To avoid spelling mistakes we advise the applicant to allow a native speaker to edit and revise your writing.

To have a closer look at the cover letter, please see below an example and a template. If you need any assistance by revising or editing your cover letter, do not hesitate to contact us.