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  • Germany Rated As World’s 3rd Most Attractive Study Destination.
          • (Ref. OECD, May 2019)
  • Top-Ranked Universities “High Quality of Education”
  • Lower or No Tuition Fees “Less Stress”
  • Study and Work Opportunities “You Can Support Yourself”

Why Consider Germany Among The Top Favorite Destinations Globally To Study?

Presently, more than 380,000 foreign students among 2.7 Million students are studying in Germany. According to recent reports, the number of foreign students yearly continues to increase. Let us discuss some reasons which make Germany among the world’s top destinations for international students:


German universities with different application deadlines for winter and summer semesters. In general:
For Winter Semester starts the application process in March, application deadline in July 15 and semester begins in October.
For Summer Semester starts the application process in September, application deadline in January 15 and semester begins in March/April.

❖ To answer the most frequent questions from foreign students, we will say:

  1. The required documents to obtain university admission depending very much on the university degree that you want to obtain as well as your previous education level you obtained, for example for a Bachelor’s degree you need: a general secondary certificate (certified by the German embassy), ​​a CV, motivation letter, a copy of the passport (info page), a certificate of completing foundation course or preparatory course or a German language certificate qualifying you to enter the university, or sometimes proof of completing a university year in your country and a German language certificate qualifying you to enter the university together, health care insurance. For a master’s degree you need a recognized bachelor’s degree in Germany (certified by the embassy), ​​a German language certificate qualifying you to enter university or a recognized English language certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOFEL, etc) if you want to study in English, a CV, motivation letter, a copy of the passport (info page), health care insurance.
  2. To find out the requirements for the student-visa at the German embassy or consulate, we have also collected useful information about it, you find more at the bottom of this page. These requirements differ according to the type of student-visa and country.

❖ Please take into account that the university registration process and processing of the necessary documents for entry visas to Germany takes at least two months to more than four months depending on the case, so we strongly recommend our applicatns starting early the registration procedures.

Is It Worth Studying In Germany? "Why Germany?"

German higher education is one of the top globally! German universities exceed global higher education standards. There are more than 420 public higher education institutions in Germany that offer excellent programs for learning, training, and research. Among these, there are over 380 officially recognized universities. Many of these universities are the world’s best universities or have an excellent international reputation, 45 of them in the QS World University Rankings in 2019.

German higher education is one of the top globally! German universities exceed global higher education standards. There are more than 420 public higher education institutions in Germany that offer excellent programs for learning, training, and research. Among these, there are over 380 officially recognized universities. Many of these universities are the world’s best universities or have an excellent international reputation, 44 of them in the QS World University Rankings in 2018.

Curriculum programs at German higher education institutes are instructed by modern structures and by qualified professors to the students.

At the end of your curriculum program, you will be certified with a degree that is globally recognized and valued, as well as being qualified and suitable to carry out the new tasks and responsibilities assigned to you. Graduate students are in demand, welcomed worldwide and they have wonderful career prospects. In addition, a German degree will assist in obtaining a highly paid and perfect job all over the world.

At most universities, students obtain wide offers of attractive apprentice training options. The curriculum programs at the universities are combined with theoretical knowledge and methodological experience. Most universities are collaborating with factories and companies which facilitate students to access the practical part during the educational period. Many students are conducting their apprentice training simultaneously while earning some money during the holiday period between semesters.

With regard to having a large number of higher education institutes, Germany offers countless degree courses and programs designed to satisfy everyone’s interests. German higher education institutes offer more than 20.000 degrees, programs, and qualification course opportunities e. g. Bachelor, Master, State examination, Doctorate, etc.

One of the most important reasons for choosing Germany is lower education costs, compared to other ranked universities globally. Most public higher education institutes are required no tuitions or very low fees. All students pay few administrative costs approximately 150 to 300 euros per semester as student contribution, thereby students receive a student ID that allows them certain benefits e.g. free usage of local public transportation or at very low prices, discount prices on meals at the university cafeteria, theaters and cinemas, etc.

If you have a Student-Visa for more than 90 days, it will allow you to reside in Germany and to obtain a residency permit that allows you to travel visa-free throughout the entire Schengen area, therefore, you have a great opportunity to visit many European cities you have been dreaming to explore without any restrictions.

Germany offers a great opportunity to students whose have graduated from the international schools of their respective homelands (e. g. at American or British schools) possess a high school diploma in English and seeking an undergraduate degrees. In addition, it is sufficient for students that are seeking postgraduate programs in the English language and can show proof of their English proficiency. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who are not proficient in the German language. According to DAAD organization, there are 1471 courses that are entirely  taught in English at German higher education institutes.

The cost of living in Germany can be still considerable. On average, an international student requires approximately 800 euros per month to cover his/her expenses.  As an international student, you are permitted to work for 120 full days or 240 half days (part-time for up to 20 hours a week) in a year. 

Student earns anywhere between ˜7 to 15 Euro per hour and roughly around 450 Euro a month, a student earning less than 450 Euro a month need not pay any taxes contribution. Calculating that somewher around 8300 Euros is the standard limit for a year to be not eligible for attract taxation. Some students can cover 70% to 100% of their cost of living.

German and English share the same Germanic root, to make it clear let us show you some examples: Water becomes Wasser and father turns into Vater, etc. Thousands of words share the same root. In addition, German ranks second as the most commonly used scientific language and it’s the most spoken native language on the European continent.

By speaking German you are putting yourself in a position whereby many companies will be interested and will offer you a job due to the fact that many German companies are global leaders and their branches distribute all around the world.

As an international student, after completing your degree in Germany, you are allowed to stay on in the country for up to 18 months to look for a job related to your qualification. Germany is seeking a lot of qualified people and professional workers.

Germany is a very safe country compared to others. It does not matter by day or by night, in town or in the countryside, you can travel and move around freely. Crime and racism in Germany are not a topic one needs to be concerned about, with some rare incidents which could happen anywhere in the world.

Germany has been a major player through important stages of mankind’s history. Studying in Germany is a great opportunity for you to visit the places where natives have given a unique contribution in human history  to the historical, cultural, scientific, musical, artistic and philosophical fields.

Moreover, you can build strong relationships with Germans. Nowadays, many Germans live in harmony with many foreigners who came to Germany to work and live with their families, and you can also make a lot of friends coming from all around the world to study in Germany and learn about their cultures and traditions.

Essential Steps To Study In Germany "Road Map"

How Does BCS Company Process Your Case (Request) "How Does It Work?"

BCS team strives to save your time and your efforts to reach your goal in a short time!!


1. If you are not sure, you need a visa to study in Germany or not, we recommend you highly to visit the German Federal Foreign Office to learn about the latest visa requirements for all countries.

2. After you answered the above question and first of all, we highly recommend our value applicant to be aware of student-visa requirements by contacting the German embassy or consulate or visit its web site in where you are going to apply!

3. If you speak Arabic please, visit our Facebook page, it can assist you!!

Consultation (Free Of Charge) “Discuss Your Request”

Consultation is the first efficient communication between the applicant and BCS company´s team. It can be performed via E-mail or via phone (recommended). Aim of the consultation: to discuss and to understand in detail the applicants’ request (vision). 
In addition, to determine the major subject applicant intends to study as well as at which educational institute in Germany.

Agreement & Services Cost "Secure Your Right"

After a successful consultation. Upon the applicants’ request, BCS team will send an agreement to applicants, these agreements include requested services as well as their costs. This agreement is important to keep both, applicants’ and BCS company’s rights.

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Preparation For Student-Visa “Meet All Requirements”

Many international students may need a visa to study in Germany. Therefore, you have to check if you require a Student-visa. You have to answer these two following questions:

  • 1. Where are you from (What is your nationality)?
  • 2. How long you will stay in Germany (more or less than 3 months)?

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Reception, Transportation, and Accommodation "No Stress"

Enjoy your flight to Germany and have a lot of fun when you arrive, many students who arrive in Germany without arranging the transportation to accommodation and the accommodation itself as well, those will face a lot of stress, headache and they will spend a lot of money to stay overnight at hotels. Begin your new life in Germany with full comfort!

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Foundation Course or Preparatory Course “Before University”

If you are planning to apply to under- or postgraduate program, etc. at the German higher education institutions in the German language, you must have a higher education entrance qualification (e.g. higher educational diploma “School  Graduation Certificate” or under- postgraduate degree) from your home country and it must be recognized in Germany.

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