Service (BCS)

Service (BCS)

  • Annually Over 250k patients Are Treated In Germany “Favorite Medical Tourism Destination”
  • Top Ranked Hospitals “State-of-the-art Medical Technologies”
  • High-Quality Of Medical Treatment “Professional Medical Staff”
  • Transparency In Medical Treatment “Patient Safety First”

Factors Make Germany Attractive For Medical Tourists. "Why Germany?"

The health care system in the Federal Republic of Germany is one of the worlds’ most sophisticated and advanced systems, the standard of care in hospitals is extremely high. Thus, German citizens have a high quality of living and longer survival rates.

International patients from abroad can benefit also from such a developed system too. That’s why yearly over 250 000 patients from more than 100 countries choose Germany for medical treatment destination. Experts are reporting that the number of medical tourists yearly continues to increase.

Let us discuss some reasons which make Germany among the world’s top destinations for international patients for medical tourism: 

  • Strict law protects patient safety in all German hospitals and clinics, e.g. hygienic measures are highly respected, transparency in the medical treatment life cycle includes initial diagnostics, operation execution, treatment outcomes, and complete follow-up care are extremely organized and highly considered.

Medical staff e.g. doctors, nursing care personal, dietitians, etc. in all German hospitals and clinics are professionals and perfectly trained, all medical staff must go through extensive training before they are allowed to practice medicine. Thus, they are providing the up-to-dated medical treatments. Moreover, medical staff are educated themselves continuously to stay updated on the newest developments in their field by attending professional workshops and visiting the latest conferences.

No one likes to stay longer at the hospital because of medical treatment or diagnostics, using state-of-the-art medical technology and performing surgical operations by applying minimally invasive therapy is the remarkable advantages of the German hospitals. As a result, the patient obtains an accurate diagnosis or minimal suffering after performing the surgical operation.
Germany is known for its medical technology innovations and developments, clinical research and superior engineering in this field, that´s why all hospitals in Germany are equipped with the best medical technology and medical devices that allow them to provide patients with the latest treatments.

Compare to other countries, in German hospitals are available quick and easy procedures to meet the medical professor. Often, patients do not involve long waiting periods for medical diagnostics or admission to the hospital.

Germany is not the cheapest but significantly lower than other countries like the USA and the  UK, German doctors strictly comply with the protocols and cost list. They do not prescribe unnecessary medical tests or drugs (Any kind of exploitation of the patient, exposes the doctor to severe fine), so the gap of costs between what German patients and what international patients pay for medical treatment or diagnosis is not significant. In many cases, international patients will be treated and charged as private German patients.

If you hesitate to obtain your medical treatment because of the language barrier, you are here wrong. Many of the German doctors and medical staff speak English and most of them can understand and communicate with you even if you do not speak English very well.

Germany is a very safe country. It does not matter by day or by night, in town or in the countryside, international patients can travel and move around freely. Crime and racism in Germany are not a topic one needs to be concerned about, with some rare incidents which could happen anywhere in the world.

Germany locates in the heart of Europe with fabulous nature, this location makes it one of the most beautiful places where people want to live, visit or study. Almost all international patients take these advantages to enjoy the German nature and to discover many European countries and visit many European cities you have been dreaming to explore without any restrictions with low cost and short time because of short destinations between them.

Particularly, international patients from the Arabic Countries need a few hours of flight to reach Frankfurt airport then less than 5 hours to reach any hospital within Germany.

Essential Steps to Your Medical Treatment in Germany, "Road Map"

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2. Discuss Your Medical Reports “Which Medical Treatment Is Needed?”

2. Discuss Your Medical Reports, “Which Medical Treatment Is Needed?”

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6. Start Your Medical Treatment,
“BCS Team Wishes You a Speedy Recovery”

6. Start Your Medical Treatment,
“BCS Team Wishes You a Speedy Recovery”

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Processing Your Case By The BCS Company “How Does It Work?”

BCS team strives to save your time and your efforts to start your medical treatment as soon as possible!!


If you are not sure, you need a visa for the purpose of Medical Treatment to enter Germany or not, we recommend you highly to visit the Germany visa website “” to learn more about the latest visa requirements for all countries.

After you answered the above question and first of all, we highly recommend our value applicant to be aware of medical treatment visa requirements by contacting the German embassy or consulate or visit its website in where you are going to apply for it!

Consultation (free of charge), “Discuss Your Request”

Consultation is the first efficient communication between the applicant and the BCS company´s team. It can be performed via e-mail or via phone 004917671230666 (recommended).

Aim of the consultation: to discuss and to understand in detail the patient’s request.

Moreover, during this consultation the BCS team and patient should attempt to create an initial plan (Road Map) to find a suitable method for the patient’s destination; namely, suitable hospital and doctor and medical treatment, etc.

All Medical Reports Will Be Discussed, “Case Evaluation & Cost Estimation”

All patient’s medical reports, laps results, X-rays, etc. will be sent to a suitable hospital or to the proper doctor to evaluate the patient’s health condition (status).

According to this evaluation, the hospital will estimate the cost of medical treatment. This cost estimation will be sent to the patient in order to make the final decision if he/she is able to come to Germany for medical treatment.

Services Costs And Agreements, “Choose Your Suitable Package”

Upon the patient’s request, BCS team will send an agreement with different types of packages to the patient, this agreement includes requested services as well as their costs, BCS has different packages that fit almost all patients cases. This agreement is important to keep both, patient’s and BCS company’s rights.

Each package has its own cost of service since each package includes different services and requires various actions, activities, and efforts. The cost of different services can be found in the general price list.

Preparation for Germany VISA for the Purpose of Medical Treatment 

BCS team strives to save your time and your efforts to start your medical treatment as soon as possible!!

Below we summarized how the patient can obtain a German Medical Treatment Visa in brief steps.

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Reception, Airport Pick-Up, Transportation, and Accommodation, “No Stress”

Enjoy your flight to Germany and have a lot of fun when you arrive, begin your new life in Germany with full comfort!


Before you leave your home country to Germany please, contact us at least two weeks in advance to arrange for you the following:


If you need or request other assistance e.g. wheelchair, wheelchair accessible car, etc. we are happy to provide! 

Meet Your Doctor, “Start Your Medical Treatment”

Before the patient’s arrival in Germany, the first appointment with the doctor at the hospital should be arranged.

BCS' assistant (Translator/Interpreter) will escort the patient into the hospital to finalize admission procedures and to meet the patients' doctor. During the first meeting with the doctor, the treatment plan will be established from A to Z including the follow-ups visits and rehabilitation if needed.

Last Follow-up Visit, “Have a Safe Flight Back Home”

The medical treatment could take from weeks to several months including the rehabilitation period. After receiving the last follow-up visit, the final medical report about the patients' status will be issued by the doctor. Afterward, the patient is ready to go back home.

What Do We Offer? “BCS' Services”

BCS provides convenient full services (from A to Z) for international patients including but not limited to: