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Service (BCS)

Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter (ML) or Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose: The motivational letter is a max. one-page document in which you introduce yourself and show your interest in the position (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. degrees, internship or training, etc.) you are applying to. Moreover, it is more about your future study and career plans and how for example the Bachelor’s degree you are applying to is going to help you achieve your future goals. In addition, it describes why you are the perfect candidate for this position.


You are planning to apply for a Master’s program in mechanical engineering. It is very important to discuss the following points when you are writing the motivation letter. ML, should be written by the applicant himself! 

Describe your achievements, talents, interests

  1. Why chose this specific degree/subject to study?
  2. Why chose Germany to study in?
  3. Why chose this university to study at?
  4. Why chose this town or city to study in?
  5. Your benefits by achieving this degree?
  6. Your future goals after achieving this degree?
  7. The motivation letter plays a decisive role in determining whether you will be accepted to this program or not, we advise the applicant:


Plan ahead and take your time, writing a good motivation letter needs preparations.

  1. Watch youtube videos and read articles about how to write a good motivation letter.
  2. Plan the concept, then the layout, the structure, and finally, put the finishing touches.
  3. Let some native speakers edit and revise your ML to avoid spelling mistakes.

If you need any assistance by revising or editing your motivation letter, do not hesitate to contact us.